Here you will find the program of the OWee in 2020!

Explanation of the OWee Program

This year, the OWee (OntvangstWeek) exists out of two parts: the digital part and the physical part. Besides the OWee program, the study associations will have a separate program of their own during the OWee. Down below the different parts of the OWee are further explained.

Digital OWee (14th up to the 16th of August)

During the digital OWee you will get to know everything about the city of Delft, the university campus, you studies and your upcoming student life! The OWee board, in cooperation with many different organisations and associations, wil show you all aspects that Delft has to offer. During these days you will meet your first study buddies and you will learn everything about all the associations in Delft!

This digital part of the OWee will largely exist out of sections that are broadcasted live from either the university campus or city centre. Associations will show you all they have to offer, so you can properly orient as to which association matches your interests!

In cooperation with many parties we will organise a grand opening, an associations forum, a cooking workshop and a college tour with a charismatic speaker, and more! The digital OWee will be closed off with a blast with a DJ Set on the roof of EWI (the tallest building of Delft).

The programme will start on Friday the 14th of August at 12:00pm. The next two days the programme will start at 10.00am, and will last up to the end of the day. In the evenings, several associations will have a programme of their own (but this is facultative).

Friday the 14th of August


Central opening OWee 2020

Tijd: 12:00 Locatie: Platform

Eat & Meet with your study association

Tijd: 13:00 Locatie: Platform

Discover your association

Tijd: 15:00 Locatie: Platform

Association TV

Tijd: 16:30 Locatie: Platform

Association TV

Tijd: 20:00 Locatie: Platform

Saturday the 15th of August


Association TV

Tijd: 20:00 Locatie: Platform

Morning gymnastics, hosted by X

Tijd: 10:00 Locatie: Platform

Associations debate

Tijd: 11:00 Locatie: Platform

Lunch together with your OWee group

Tijd: 13:00 Locatie: Platform

The OWee Roadshow

Tijd: 14:00 Locatie: Platform

Cooking with students

Tijd: 17:00 Locatie: Platform

Sunday the 16th of August


Brunch with your OWee group

Tijd: 10:00 Locatie: Platform

City & Campus Quest

Tijd: 10:30 Locatie: Platform

The OWee Roadshow & Association TV

Tijd: 12:00 Locatie: Platform

College Tour (with a famous Dutch person!)

Tijd: 14:00 Locatie: platform

The OWee Roadshow & Association TV

Tijd: 15:00 Locatie: Platform

DJ-set: No limits with Mr. Belt & Wesol

Tijd: 20:00 Locatie: Platform

Physical OWee (17th up to the 23th of August, specific day depends on your study)

Besides the digital programme, we offer you the opportunity to experience Delft in real life for one day, of course keeping in mind all the guidelines from the government. On this day you will get to know your OWee-group and you will be able to visit the associations of Delft from within. (Sadly, it is not possible for students of the Haagse Hogeschool to participate in this physical day.)

In the morning you will be expected on either the campus or in the city centre at 9:00am. You will be guided through the city centre and around the associations. Around lunch time you will switch from city centre to university campus or the other way around. On the campus we organise an information marker in cooperation with all the associations that Delft has to offer you. Moreover, you will be able to have a drink at the study association of your own faculty, and a backstage campus tour so you are able to discover places where students are usually not able to visit!

In the overview below you can view on which day you are expected to visit Delft, depending on your study, if you choose to participate in this physical day of the OWee!

indeling studies fysieke dagen engels.png