Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can find the frequently asked questions about the OWee below!


OWee stands for ‘OntvangstWeek’, which translates as ‘Opening Week’. During this week, you will get to know a great deal about the student city of Delft. You will find out about the various student associations, go on a tour of the city, visit special places on the campus, and we are also laying on some unforgettable parties. The perfect start to a new phase – your life as a student! The OWee of last year was from 18 August until 22 August. 

Next year the OWee will start at 16th of August and ends 20th of August!

Yes, it is important that you feel at home in the city where you will be studying. And because there is so much to see of what Delft has to offer in one week, everyone is sure to find something that suits them.

First-year students’ weekends usually take place in the weekend before the OWee and are organised by the study associations. You can find the dates of the first-year students’ weekends on the ‘Dates of first-years students’ weekends’ page, elsewhere in this BINAS. During the weekend, you will primarily get to know your fellow students. You usually form an OWee group with friends you make at the first-year students’ weekend. If you can’t go to your first-year students’ weekend but are going to the OWee, we will make sure you are put into an OWee group with people who will be taking the same programme as you.

The first-years students’ weekend is intended for new students on your programme, is organised by the study association and usually does not take place in Delft. The OWee starts after this weekend. During the OWee, you get to know students on other programmes, the city, campus, and associations during all kinds of great activities!

Yes, we really recommend that you do! The OWee is not just about partying and all the student associations, but also about getting to know Delft. For example, we organise a tour of the campus, a challenge through the city, an information market, and a sports and culture day. You will get to know so many people during the course of the week. Whether or not you join a student association, it is always great to start off your time as a student with friends around you!

Sign up anyway, and come on the days when you can make it. Every day is different and fantastic to experience. On Sunday 18 August you will receive information about your mentor and your sleep-inn house by text message. Let them know on which days you will be coming, and which not.

Even if you are not allocated a place on the degree programme of your choice, you can still come to the OWee. However, we advise you to do the introduction week of your second choice of degree programme in that case. You can deregister for the OWee by sending us an email. If you deregister, you will get your money back, less administration costs. You can deregister until Sunday 11 August. After this date, we will no longer be able to refund your money.

The OWee is precisely intended for people in your position! This week, you will take part in the programme in your own OWee group. The groups consist of ten prospective first-year students who are in exactly the same position. They are all new in Delft. So if you want to get to know people, this week is the perfect way to embark on this new phase of your life! There is bound to be someone who you get along with!

Some programmes at TU Delft are given in combination with other universities. Molecular Science & Technology and Life Science & Technology are given partly in Leiden, while Nanobiology students sometimes have to go to Rotterdam. If you are about to start on the Clinical Technology programme, then part of it is in both cities!

You won’t be able to combine the introduction weeks at Delft and Rotterdam as they take place at the same time. However, you could combine the introduction weeks at Delft and Leiden. So if you will be studying in Rotterdam part of the time, or if you don’t want to do both the El Cid in Leiden and the OWee, the best thing would be to go the introduction week of the city that appeals to you most or the city where you will be living.

Yes, you can certainly participate in the OWee if you are under 18. You will be given a special 18- wristband. Please note that normal Dutch laws and regulations apply during the whole week. More information about the OWee alcohol policy can be found on page 13 in the BINAS, under ‘Alcohol policy’.

Yes, certainly! The OWee is for every prospective student at TU Delft and all universities of applied sciences in Delft. More and more HBO students are coming to the OWee. Last year, there were 430.

No, not at all! The OWee is for everyone, regardless of whether you drink alcohol or not. Soft drinks and alcohol-free beer are available at all our events. There are students every year who don’t drink alcohol and still enjoy the OWee to the full. So don’t be put off! You can still be a 100% student while being a non-frequent drinker!

Yes! Most activities are not intensive so you can take part in them like anyone else. If you are unsure about taking part in the OWee, please get in touch, in plenty of time, either at or on +31 (0) 15 278 6709. We can then factor in any needs you may have.

OWee groups have ten prospective students and two mentors. You participate in your own OWee programme as part of this group. The mentors have already been studying in Delft for a year or more, so they know what’s what in the city. The night programme is yours to decide on, and you can go together with your group or on your own.

If you haven’t found a place to live in Delft yet, we will arrange for somewhere for you to sleep during the OWee. When signing up for the OWee, you can indicate whether or not you would prefer to sleep in a student house, which we strongly recommend! Because you will be sleeping in Delft, you will be able to experience the evening programmes to the full. Also, you will get to know even more students who are already familiar with Delft as a student city. The house where you will be sleeping is referred to as your sleep-inn house. You will be informed on the Sunday before the OWee about which house you will be sleeping in.

No, the OWee is not an initiation. The OWee is for every student in Delft and every part is accessible to everyone on a voluntary basis. You are not obliged to do anything.

On Thursday evening you can also eat in Delft. You can sign up for a Tour du Restaurants or choose to eat at one of the student associations. You can sign up for either of these options at the infopoint. Tickets for the Tour du Restaurants cost €20.

You can buy tickets for the Kroegentocht on Tuesday (€7.50) and the Tour du Restaurants on Thursday (€20) at the infopoint. Sign up at the Base Camp for the Delft City Escape and the Backstage Campus Tour. Don't wait too long if you want to sign up as there are a limited number of spaces available.

You can sign up online until 16 August at 23:59. A sign-up counter for latecomers will be available at the TU Delft campus on the Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. Some first-year students’ weekends have a limit on the number of participants. It is therefore advisable to sign up for the first-years students’ weekend as soon as possible (possibly after the results of the draw).

Participation in the OWee costs €80. For this, you get breakfast, lunch, and evening meals for the whole week, entry to all activities, entry to all student, sports, and cultural associations, and a place to sleep in a student house, an OWee shirt and bag, gadgets, and much more.

You can purchase tokens when you register for the OWee. Tokens cost €1.50 each and the minimum purchase is five tokens. You can use the tokens to buy food and drinks during the OWee activities (but not the activities at the student associations). You can buy extra tokens during the OWee if necessary.

Special meals will be available during the OWee for people with particular allergies, including gluten allergies, lactose intolerances, and nut allergies. Vegetarian meals will also be served. If you have any other type of allergy, please let us know in advance so we can see how we can accommodate your needs.

A sleeping bag, mat or air bed, pillow, toiletries, and your teddy bear. Is it a good idea to bring a bicycle? Yes, but it is not necessary. Most activities take place within walking distance of each other. There are a number of companies in Delft where you can arrange a bike during OWee.

Among the large student associations, many rooms often become vacant in September. If you are planning to sign up to a large student association, you may decide to wait before looking for a house. If you are not planning to do so and your parents live a long way from Delft, you would be well-advised to start looking for a room before or during the summer.

All lost property will be kept at the infopoint. If you have lost something, go to the infopoint to ask if they have it.

The OWee is intended to let you get to know all the student associations and to sign up to the one that appeals to you. Some student associations have limits on their membership numbers, so if you want to sign up for one, don’t wait too long. In many cases, you can only sign up to a student association during the OWee, either in the daytime or in the evenings. If you would like to become a member but cannot come to the OWee, you should contact the student association in question.

This is a period in which new members of a student association get to know each other and the association itself. How the period is filled in, and how long it lasts, differs from one association to the next, but it usually starts immediately after the OWee – that is, Friday 23 August. If you are planning to join a student association, it is a good idea to keep the week after the OWee free. Between the OWee and the introduction period it is possible to go home and swap your OWee things for those that you need for the introduction period.

If you still have questions about the OWee after reading this BINAS, send an email to, or call +31 (0) 15 278 6709!

You will receive confirmation after you have signed up. You will then get a letter in August with more information about the week. You can also download the OWee app in advance, which shows the programme and much more.

This gives you more time in which to look forward to all the fun activities that await you! You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram or go to if you want to start preparing for this new phase of your life!