Register for OWee 2020 from May next year! Check the aftermovie for an impression of the OWee 2019!

OWee 2019.. Together we'll blast off this new phase!

You are now a new Delft student! A lot more awaits you than just a new study. A whole new life is in front of you. You leave your school behind and start with a clean slate. You can complete this yourself with your own needs and ambitions.

At the moment you are probably wondering what the OWee actually is. The Reception Week is the best start to a new phase in your life in: your student life. The OWee is the start of that new phase. This Reception Week is a smashing start to an important part of your life. Studying is not just about learning. It's about developing yourself in as many areas as you want. The phase that you are currently in will not be your last. During your student days you will constantly end up in new phases. Each with its own challenges and learning moments.

It doesn't matter what your interests are or what you think and do. In relation to other cities, Delft has the most active and diverse student life that you can imagine. With 60 associations there is a place for every student. From religious to sporty, from alternative to party animal.

Your student days will for sure be an accumulation of new adventures, learning moments and of course new friends. Can you also not wait to start your student life? Then register for the OWee from 18 to 22 August. Together we read blast this new phase! See you in the OWee!