Sleep Inn Rules

1. From 11 p.m. you must be quiet on the X site.

2. It is not allowed to consume food and drinks at X, own drinks are not allowed, drinks from the Café are allowed but not in the dorms.

3. Visitors / participants under the influence of drugs will be denied access.

4. For security reasons, visitors / participants can be searched. Visitors / participants must cooperate in this.

5. Visitors / participants must follow the instructions of the organization team / security at all times.

6. It is not permitted to treat other visitors / participants in an annoying, aggressive, discriminatory or intimidating way.

7. Weapons, knives and soft and hard drugs are prohibited. Upon finding this, the police are always warned.

8. Access is denied if our Sleep Inn rules are violated.

9. When serious violations are found, visitors / participants are arrested and handed over to the police. When criminal offenses are discovered, a report is made to the police.