Update 8/6 OWee 2020

Dear new student and/or parent,

The OWee Board has recently developed a completely new introduction programme, in collaboration with (study)associations, the municipality and other external parties. The OWee will continue in a different form than ever before. We have listed the most important information for you:

  • The OWee consists of two phases this year: a digital part and the physical part. During the digital OWee on 14, 15 and 16 August, you will learn everything about the city of Delft, the student associations, the campus and your study programme. Together with all 60 student and sport associations, the OWee Board will offer you a diverse programme, which will prepare you for your time in Delft!
  • In the week from 17 to 23 August, 7 small-scale, physical days will take place, whereby new students can visit Delft for one day, per study programme. This day is additional to the digital programme and will be organized entirely in accordance with the guidelines of the RIVM and the government.
  • Most studies have their freshmen weekends in the week from 17 to 23 August. You will hear which data you should mark in your calendar soon!
  • The registrations for the digital OWee, physical OWee and the freshmen weekends will open on Tuesday 16th of June.

More information about the digital and physical OWee will follow. This is our new vision of the OWee. We are in close contact with the municipality, the educational institutions and other parties and of course we will keep an eye on the guidelines of the RIVM and the government.

For further questions or comments you can contact us via info@owee.nl. To be sure, also check www.owee.nl for the frequently asked questions.